Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pick Your Poison

We're holed up in a Holiday Inn in Buffalo (where there REALLY is not much to write about) waiting for John. He got up early this morning to drive over the border, return the Pod to the rental place and retrieve the Alum-a-womb. He just called to report that it's still smoking (albeit less and, hopefully, a more benign color). I say, Thank God! We'll finally have some adventures to write about! Sorry, but we get bored when everything goes smoothly. Maybe that's why I spend so much time in "Third World" countries.

Just a few observations on our travels through the mid-west in our pod: if you want to see America, you better hurry. If Sandusky, Ohio and all of Lake Michigan is any indication, it's at risk of being swallowed up by strip malls, superstores and McMansions. People ARE friendlier in the mid-west - I swear. They are just so nice out there. On the other hand, the landscape is boring! Oh, sure, it's all green and cornfields and pastoral, but it's flat and goes on forever and after a few hours of that, well, I don't know about you, but I just get desperate for an edge! Frankly, and as a former New Yorker (emphasis on former, here) I hate to admit this, but coming from the midwest, the landscape doesn't get interesting again until you hit New York state. On the other hand, almost no one here will look you in the eye or say "good morning" to you! So pick your poison, I guess.

I'll keep you posted,

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