Monday, August 4, 2008

Mission Meet the Misters Accomplished

Mission "Meet Misters in Minnesota" accomplished! We ARE still us - fatter, older and (for the most part) wiser. A gangly and gregarious group of folks who came together in the Peace Corps for many different reasons. The twenty years in between Peace Corps Ecuador and the rest of our lives changed - and mellowed - a lot of us in many ways. But the intensity of Peace Corps seems to have left an indelible impression on everyone. And the bonds forged between us are as stronge as ever. Okay, I'm veering dangerously into the corny here. Let me just say that when it was time to (reluctantly) say good-bye, it took me over an hour to make my way around the group - hugging and kissing absolutely everyone and never even caring that I hadn't even brushed my teeth that day! You see, that's how it is with your Peace Corps friends. We are there for each other - hung over, stinking breath, dirty clothes, bad hair and all. It doesn't matter.

I hope to see more of these folks in the future ... and I just may. They have all promised to come if I am ever doing a book promotion in their neck of the country ... and heckle me from the audience with THEIR version of how it went down. Everyone is an editor!

We're heading back to the Mother Ship being serviced in Niagara Falls.

I'll keep you posted,

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