Friday, January 23, 2009

More on being part of The Mosh Pit of History

I'm still on that high. Still get a catch in my throat and chill up my spine whenever the talking heads say, "President Obama." John and I have become news junkies - tuning in each evening to see what our President has done today. As John said, "we're not scared anymore to hear the President open his mouth." Or revulsed.

So even though this week's topic over at The Debutante Ball is "Judging a Book By Its Cover," I've managed to turn that into a platform for blogging about ... you guessed it, being part of the Mosh Pit of History! So come on over to (Don't worry, you don't need pearls!) And leave a comment - here or there - about your own experience of The Inauguration. In the days ahead, John and I will both be writing more about our experiences in DC. So do check back when you can.

And I'll keep you posted,

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