Saturday, November 8, 2008

March of the Lightbearers

Well a long overdue hello again. It's been quite a dry spell between postings. Maybe that's because life seemed kind of boring after coming off the road, and getting back to life as usual. I mean, really, what fun is it when you can count on water to come out of the tap, the engine to turn on and rain water not to seep UP onto your bed?

Oh, there were some adventures alright - the day I spent bird-dogging that weasely Senator John Kerry, trying to get him to accept his responsibility for giving Bush the blank check to go to war - and to tell us what he was going to do about it. And even though I followed him around the entire day with my bright PINK "How do YOU like YOUR war now?" sign, I could not even get myself in the newspaper, much less arrested! The police officer on his detail came over to me first thing in the morning and said, "Eve," (yes, he called me by name!), "I am NOT going to arrest you today. Your husband says don't forget to pick up the kids at 3:00." It's hell living in a small town, I tell you!

And then of course, there were the days in New Hampshire working to turn that state for Obama. That felt pretty adventurous. Especially because I should have signed up for the Big Schlepp. You know, I should have gotten my "fat Jewish ass on a plane to Florida" as Sarah Silverman said. My grandparents are no longer there and though they are dead, I'm pretty sure they both voted for Obama (you can do that in Florida y'know). But I could have been useful in Florida (the old Jewish part) because I speak that language. But instead I found myself in New Hampshire - a swing state I could drive to, but let's face it, can't even speak the language. Here's the thing about New England: I've lived here for ten years and I am still a newcomer. I can live here the rest of my life and I will NEVER not be an outsider. But I think I turned ONE vote for Obama (had to give away my Obama button to seal the deal, but I'm committed) and that felt good.

So now here we are, in a hopeful new political landscape. And I do think a whole new adventure is just beginning. I don't think anyone kids themselves that now that we've elected Obama everything is going to get better. Now that we've elected Obama, our work is just beginning. But at least those of us who want to, can roll up our sleeves and get to work.

I am offering up myself to that task.

And I'll keep you posted,

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