Saturday, July 26, 2008

Waite a Minute!

T-minus one. Or whatever you call it when it's one day 'til blast off. Or take off, as the case may be, in the rented bio-diesel RV bound for Preston, Minnesota. What's in Preston, Minnesota, you ask? Lots and lots of flat nothingness is what I recall from my last trip there. That and the Wisconsin Dells. Don't ask me why, but you pass about nine million miles of signs for the Wisconsin Dells on the way to Preston, Minnesota.

We're going to Preston for the 20th reunion of my Peace Corps group. Why we don't just have our reunion in Ecuador - where we were actually in the Peace Corps - is beyond me. Geez, it'd be easier - and cheaper - to get there. And I'm guessing, more interesting than Preston, Minnesota. So besides all the signs for the Dells, my guess is that there will also be about forty very drunk former Peace Corps volunteers reliving their glory days of, well, being drunk in Ecuador!

Well, I'll keep you posted!